Legal and sworn translations


As a translator specialised in legal and technical subjects, Francis Auquier meets your translation needs from English and German into French with efficiency and reliability both in terms of quality and on-time delivery.

He will be able to handle the documents for which you would like to have a professional translation in French or which you are required to produce in French as certified translations for legal or administrative purposes: birth certificate, certified copy of an entry of birth, certificate of no-impediment, license and certificate of marriage, judgement, judicial decision, as well as law texts, diplomas, examination results and other acts and statements.

With more than 25 years' experience, and as a sworn translator registered with the Court of first instance in Brussels since 1994, Francis Auquier continuously develops his expertise and qualifications to better serve individuals, companies and public services alike, paying careful attention to the translations he handles for his clients.

For the ministry of Justice
Judicial documents, files and expert’s reports as part of the mutual assistance in criminal matters for Belgian judicial authorities
Foreign laws, civil law judgements, also in judicial aid and legal assistance

For individuals
Legal documents, official acts, certificates, judgements
Law texts (filial relationship, marriage)
Diplomas, examination results, lists of courses and subjects

For companies
Agreements, contracts
Law texts, legal notices, terms and conditions, terms of use
Company rules
Safety regulations
Personal data protection and transparency statements (GDPR)

Sworn translations and legalisation:

Certified or sworn translations are translations made by a sworn translator. They must fulfil a number of conditions in terms of form (legal statements and the signature of the sworn translator). Depending on the official entity requiring it, a sworn translation may have to be legalised. The legalisation step ensures that the translator's signature is genuine and matches the one registered in the national register for sworn translators and interpreters.
From the 1st of January 2020, in Brussels, the legalisation service is taken over by the administration of the national register for sworn translators and interpreters.
The legalisation service of the French-speaking Court of first instance in Brussels does not handle legalisations any more as it used to. In the future, the various Belgian authorities should be granted a direct access to the register and a legalisation should not be required any more.

In the meantime, sworn translations to be legalised can be sent by post to the relevant service or directly put in a special box in the reception area of no. 80, Boulevard de Waterloo, 1000 Brussels. Access to the building is possible on working days, from 8:00 to 16:45, approximately. After legalisation, the sworn translation is sent back by post to the address mentioned on the stamped addressed envelope provided with the sworn translation. Please count about a week for the translation to be received back from legalisation. If needed, the sworn translator can handle the various steps for this legalisation.
(Legalisation information up to date as of 5 June 2020)

For more information, please check the following link:

Note from the national register service (January 2020):

"Please note that all translations do not have to be legalised. Only a few of the documents translated to be used in Belgium must be legalised. In order not to overload the courts, we kindly ask you to check whether a translated document needs such a legalisation."

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