Technical specialisations


As a translator specialised in legal and technical subjects, Francis Auquier meets your translation needs from English and German into French with efficiency and reliability both in terms of quality and on-time delivery.

He will be able to handle the documents for which you would like to have a professional translation in French: press releases, memos, product and system documentation, service manuals, user guides, training materials, web pages and websites, RFIs and RFQs, specifications, catalogues and software strings, as well as other business documents needed in the daily operation of a company (letters, newsletters, brochures).

With 30 years' experience initially developed in technologies such as telecommunications and information technology for the enterprise (ERP, supply chains), then extended to industrial automation (process control, safety systems, manufacturing and production processes) and other areas experiencing rapid progress in key business sectors such as energy, environment, automotive technologies and aeronautics, and in addition to focusing on law and finance subjects through various training and education programs, Francis Auquier uses its expertise and qualifications to the benefit of your company in the following specialisation areas:

Aeronautics, Automotive, Transportation
Aircraft service documentation, corporate communication for the industry
Automotive manufacturing processes and technology, electric vehicles
Automobile technical specifications and description
Intermodal transport, freight, railway

Industrial plants and equipment
Heating, ventilation and air conditioning techniques (HVAC)
Industrial cooling/chilling systems
Energy and renewable energy technologies and applications

Industrial Processes & Machining
Automation, machining processes, tools and materials

Industrial Computing & Digital Automation
Security systems for industrial plants
Safety and process control systems

Mobile and wireless systems (GSM, mobile data, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, RFI, NFC)
Telecommunication and network technologies
CTI (computer telephony integration)

Information Technology & ICT
Software localisation
Documentation for computer products (hardware and software) and large systems
Client-server technologies, networks, storage and backup, long-term archiving, document management

Enterprise Resource Planning & Management Systems
ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)
CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
Supply chain systems
Analytical and financial accounting, controlling, banking management

Electronics & Audio-Video
Industrial electronics
Instructions for use, manuals and catalogues for electronic products audio-video, high-fidelity equipment, professional PA products, photography (digital cameras)